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Customer Value & Lifecycle Management

Customer lifecycle follows a cycle of customer awareness, knowledge, purchase or acquisition, experience, increase/decrease in usage, churn and potentially win back. Successful companies extend or start new customer lifecycles through product and service innovation. Aside from product and service innovation, effective segmentation and targeting of customers based on their lifecycle, has the potential to increase a customer’s lifetime value and drive more engagement. Lifecycle management programs reward valuable customers and encourage engagement for at risk or down trending customers.

Loyalty Plan Development & Management

Are you interested in developing a new loyalty plan for your business or redesigning your existing loyalty program? We offer comprehensive programs to assess effectiveness of current loyalty programs, develop supporting analytics and plans to revamp existing programs or develop new programs. We can identify areas of opportunity and under-served segments with the loyalty program. We also work within existing loyalty programs to identify sub-segments of customers who look like similar high value loyalty tier customers for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Marketing ROI

In today’s complex multichannel marketing environment, the challenge for marketers is to justify the cost of incremental marketing spend, optimally allocate scarce marketing resources and demonstrate financial ROI to senior management and various stakeholders. The challenge with multiple marketing levers is to isolate the impact of each lever while avoiding double (or triple) counting their impact. In addition, some of the levers have a halo effect with short-term as well as longer-term impacts for e.g. brand advertising. Looking only at short-term impacts tends to under-estimate their impact. In addition, marketing mix optimization allows companies to optimize marketing resources to drive incremental sales or allocate resources effectively with budget constraints

Market Level Strategy & Planning

Market level strategy is a framework for evaluating and optimizing performance of a unit. Depending on a business the unit could be a ‘market’, a customer segment or a product. Multiple drivers impact the performance of such units including marketing and media effectiveness, sales force, channels, pricing, unit attributes e.g. functionality, speed, time to market, customer satisfaction, product quality – both actual and perceived. For example: how many store do we need in market A vs. market B or how much should we invest on stores vs. marketing in market A. This framework allows companies to identify the incremental impact of each lever and cross-functional teams to coordinate and optimize investments across units and across levers.

Strategic & Actionable Segmentation

In our experience, many senior executives across different industries agree that segmentation is key for marketing but they find that effective execution of segmentation is rare. Most often segmentation either become too complex to execute or too simplistic to be accurate. Why this apparent contradiction?

New Product/Service Launch Strategy

Our key projects in the new product/services launch include:

Demand Forecasting & Predictive Modeling

Our demand forecasting and predictive modeling services allow clients to rapidly assess key drivers, their incremental impact on a measure of interest. These methodologies and frameworks are customized to an individual client context (no “one size fits all”) and industry. We work jointly and collaboratively with the client team to collect potential data for model development and forecasting. We adhere to all commonly accepted practices for model training and development. Through our academic and research tie-ups we are able to apply multiple frameworks and methodologies. For clients without their own analytics infrastructure, we can help develop these toolkits using our infrastructure allowing the client to develop a proof of concept with lower investment costs and then scale up in a phased manner. To ease implementation, we can also provide dashboards and scenario planning tools to understand the impact of different levers.

Analytics Roadmap Implementation

Companies face problems developing an analytics infrastructure in-house. The journey from setup, proof of concept, implementation to widespread company use is often lengthy and companies do not have the necessary expertise in-house. Our analytics roadmap implementation services help our clients to:

Promotions & Incentive Optimization

Our Promotions and Incentive Optimizations capabilities include: