Who We Are


Transforming Strategy and Driving Success

We are a specialist management consulting firm focused on driving strategy and operational transformation using industry leading analytics and innovative methodologies.

Named after a famous game theory concept Evolutionary Stable Strategy, ESS Analysis provides solutions offering the best business outcomes with more stability than any other alternative strategy. We believe that by deploying robust analytics solutions, organizations can proactively achieve their optimal strategic and operational positioning providing the best possible outcomes for their goals and helping them meet their business objectives successfully.


    Industry-Leading Analytics for Client Success

    We bring industry leading analytical methodologies and techniques in our work to provide tangible and objective consulting support to clients. By utilizing our extensive industry experience we help clients develop sophisticated analytical tools and processes to manage and optimize their resources. Our systematic approach to marketing analytics has successfully achieved major milestones for our clients:

    • Achieve higher productivity from your customer base (Customer Value Management)
    • Driven the adoption and usage of applications and products, resulting in increased users [15-19% lift]
    • Increased revenue per customer/products (wallet and market share)
    • Increased frequency of purchase and usage of target services

    Innovative Consulting Strategies for Market Growth

    By successfully deploying sophisticated segmentation strategies, state-of-the-art propensity modeling, and assets optimization tools, we have significantly grown our clients’ business by increasing market penetration and target segment outreach.

    Our partners bring extensive global experience working in the communications, entertainment, and technology space helps us provide strategic decision making and operational support to our clients. Although our heritage and experience is rooted in ‘top-tier’ consulting firms, we bring in a fresh and innovative approach to consulting industry.

    Key Senior Team Member

    Main focus of Consulting Work

  • Trusted advisor to several large companies’ CXOs on key strategic & operational management issues including
  • Strategy development, integrated marketing planning & execution, business innovation
  • Market Planning and Assessments
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Sales and Marketing Restructuring
  • New Market Entry Strategy / Implementation planning
  • Strategic supplier management & transformation
  • Developed innovative growth strategies in multiple sectors – Telecom, Entertainment, Gaming, Media, Retail and Healthcare
  • Professional Experience

  • Over 17 years experience, including 12+ years at the partner level at global management consulting firms, working with large clients globally on strategy, marketing, operations and improvement initiatives
  • Led the North American wireless practice of Oliver Wyman (earlier known as Mercer Mgmt Consulting). Also in leadership positons at A.T. Kearney, Adventis and Telus Corporation
  • Prolific speaker at trade shows and is an acknowledged and published thought leader in customer value management and strategy development
  • Select Relevant Project Experience

  • Developed innovative methodologies in managing customer value through sophisticated data analysis for companies with large customer base (10M+)
  • Led large scale customer retention & value management project for large clients (Fortune 100) in multiple sectors – Telecom, Entertainment, Technology, Media and Healthcare
  • Developed new intellectual capital on customer profitability management, offer & service optimization and ROI optimization on assets
  • Developed new analytical techniques for integrating insights from customer data in decision making process
  • Management and optimization of capital assets for capital intensive sectors in terms of incremental growth and margins
  • Optimizing retail and product portfolio to reduce the churn propensities for a converged service provider
  • New innovative business model development for entertainment, media and telecom players
  • New VAS growth & service portfolio management for established market leaders (how & why do we innovate if we lead the competition)
  • ess-team

    Ranjan Mishra

    Senior Partner & President